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  • Grape variety DOC
  • Native grape variety
  • Itinerary 3
Grape varieties
Grape varieties
minimum 85% Prëmetta (autochthonous vine), maximum 15% other dark grape vines

Obtained from the fermentation with maceration of grape skins for a few days. After moderate ageing, its colour takes on orange overtones. It is an old autochthonous vine, particularly widespread around Aosta.

Cultivation system: low rows with guyot pruning.

DOC Production allowed: 100 quintals of grapes per hectare.

Vinification yield: 70% of the harvest.

Vinification: traditional with grape skins, with maceration of grape skins for just a few days.

Surface area: surface area registered in the DOC Vineyard Register is 0.48 hectares (2004).

Production: declared for DOC: 20 hectolitres (2003).

Colour: cherry with coral pink reflections.

Aroma: delicate, fruity, with overtones of rose petals if young.

Taste: dry, fresh, pleasing.

Alcoholic strength: 11-5° - 12.5°.

Acidity: minimum 4.5 grammes per litre expressed in tartaric acid.

How to serve:
it goes well with various local dishes:  la Vapelenentse, the Seupetta de Cogne and other soups with vegetables and Fontina cheese.

Best served cool at a temperature between 14°-16° C.

Wine producers

Maison Vigneronne Frères Grosjean

Itinerary 3Private winemaker Quart
It was then in 1969 that Father Dauphin began to bottle his wine involving his 5 children in the activity.