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Pinot Noir (vinified in white)White

Grape varieties
Grape varieties

Wine with good body and balance. The origins of the grape variety are French (Burgundy), although it has been cultivated in the Aosta Valley for many years. The production systems include the traditional version "in red," with possible refinement in the barrel, and vinification "in white," without maceration of the skins, producing elegant wines with good structure.

Cultivation system: low rows with guyot pruning

DOC Production allowed: 100 quintals of grapes per hectare

Vinification yield: 70% of the harvest

Vinification: traditional with grape skins

Ageing: minimum 5 months from the December following the grape harvest

Surface area:  surface area registered in the DOC Vineyard Register is 21,70 hectares (2004)

Production: declared for DOC 978 hectolitres (2003)

Color: onion-skin color with rosy reflections, very brilliant.

Fragrance: intense and persistent fragrance, fruity. Pineapples and banana are recognized.

Flavor: in the mouth, the wine is very balanced, dry, warm and soft; a pleasant freshness with a delicate tannic sensation.

Alcoholic strength:  12° - 14°

Acidity: minimum 4 grammes per litre expressed in tartaric acid

How it is served: Excellent with motsetta and with typical Valdostan dishes. The version "in white" is suited for aperitifs and matches well with mountain trout.
The serving temperature is 8°-10° C.

Wine producers

Bonin Dino

Itinerary 5Private winemaker Arnad
Wine business and distillery of Bonin Dino
The business is able to offer a range of wines that cover the full range of a meal, from the aperitifs to the desserts.

La Crotta di Vegneron

Itinerary 4Cooperative cellar Chambave
La Crotta di Vegneron, cooperative cellar Chambave
The structure became operative in 1985 with a production of 1191 q of grapes with contributions of about 60 partners.