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Nus Malvoisie PassitoPassito wines

Grape varieties
Grape varieties
100% Malvoisie, local selection of Pinot Gris

In the fletri version becomes a wine of great character, collected from the best bunches of this particular grape variety (Pinot Grigio), withered in an ventilated and dim environment. It completes its preparation with slow fermentation and maturation in small wooden casks that make it a true pearl of Valdostan oenology.

Cultivation system: low rows with guyot pruning

DOC Production allowed: 80 quintals of grapes per hectare

Vinification yield: 40% of the harvest

Vinification: -

Refinement: minimum 12 months from December following harvest, in wood of different capacities and essences

Color: warm intense golden yellow with evident amber notes, brilliant and consistent

Fragrance: intense and persistent, ample and ethereal. Aromas of mature fruit, prunes, dried figs, golden raisins, and honey

Flavor: sweet and warm, the structure is very rich in flavor, fresh

Alcoholic strength: 15°-16° in the flétri version

Acidity:  minimum 4,5 grammes per litre

How it is served:
Its ideal serving temperature is 12°-14°C and matches with marbled cheeses, excellent as a "conversational" wine with cookies and sweets based on spiced cream.

Wine producers

La Crotta di Vegneron

Itinerary 4Cooperative cellar Chambave
La Crotta di Vegneron, cooperative cellar Chambave
The structure became operative in 1985 with a production of 1191 q of grapes with contributions of about 60 partners.

Les Granges

Itinerary 3Private winemaker Nus
The owners of the wine business Les Granges
The vineyards extend over 2.6 hectares with a current production of 14,000 bottles of quality wine from various grape varieties.