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Late-harvest Blanc de Morgex et de la SallePassito wines

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Grape varieties
Grape varieties
100% Prié Blanc

Wine obtained from the winter harvest of the grapes of the Prié Blanc variety. Traditionally it is still raised ungrafted on the peak of the Mont Blanc between 1000 and 1200 m. above sea level

Cultural system: low pergola, with a traditional structure in wood or also in stone

DOC Production allowed: 90 quintals of grapes per hectare

Vinification yield: 40% of the harvest

Vinification: grapes harvested between -5 and -10° C are trodden iced and fermented in oak casks and in carats of local flavors following a long period of refinement

Surface area:  surface area registered in the DOC Vineyard Register is 24.82 hectares (2004)

Production: declared for DOC: 1.236 hectolitres (2003)

Color: golden yellow

Fragrance: sensations of oregano, thyme, and mint blend with the fragrance of colored pencils. There are final notes of rhododendron honey and apricot

Flavor: clear sensations of apricot mix with cool notes of cedar and lemon. Coolness and sweetness give way to sensations of almond

Alcoholic strength:  14.5° - 15.5°

Acidity: minimum 4.5 grammes per litre expressed in tartaric acid

How it is served:
The late harvest version constitutes one of the rare examples of ice wine in the national oenological panorama and make an excellent match with cured cheeses and crackers.
Great meditation wine, it is best served at room temperature.
Ideal with medium and long cured cheeses. Excellent with the Bleu d'Aoste (the Valdostan blue cheese par excellence). Try it with chocolate. It is interesting as an aperitif with fegatelli. "Try it alone, best in good company."
It is best kept bedded in a cool place, avoiding long exposure to light. It is a wine that doesn't fear aging, so...

Wine producers

Cave du Vin Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle

Itinerary 1Cooperative cellar Morgex
Cave du Vin Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle
The Cave was founded in 1983 as the first result of the policy of support and development of Valdostan viticulture enacted by the Administration.
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