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Chardonnay Late-harvestPassito wines

Grape varieties
Grape varieties
Chardonnay minimum 85%, other black grape vines max 15%

The Chardonnay is one of the international vineyards that best are suited to the soil and climatic conditions of the Aosta Valley. A flexible grape variety used to produce young, fresh and fruity wines.

With late harvests, it can generate complex and structured white wines to ferment and mature in wood.

Cultivation system: low rows with guyot pruning

DOC Production allowed: 110 quintals of grapes per hectare

Vinification yield: 50% of the harvest

Vinification: -

Surface area:  surface area registered in the DOC Vineyard Register is 10.12 hectares (2004)

Production: declared for DOC 508 hectolitres (2003)

Color: golden yellow.

Fragrance: pleasant, delicate, characteristic

Flavor: charming or sweet, full, harmonic

Alcoholic strength:  14.5° - 15.5°

Acidity: minimum 4.5 grammes per litre expressed in tartaric acid

How it is served:
Given its versatility, it is a white matched with all foods: it can accompany, according to the versions, both simple dishes and more demanding courses.
It is served cool, at 12°-14° C. The late harvest version is an excellent meditation wine that is well-matched with cookies and dried fruit or with cured and marbled cheeses.

Wine producers

Bonin Dino

Itinerary 5Private winemaker Arnad
Wine business and distillery of Bonin Dino
The business is able to offer a range of wines that cover the full range of a meal, from the aperitifs to the desserts.

La Kiuva

Itinerary 5Cooperative cellar Arnad
Arnad, Aosta Valley: Cooperative La Kiuva
The cooperative was founded in 1975: there are seven municipalities involved with annual production reaching 70,000 bottles.