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Aosta Valley DOC Wines

Difficult geographic and climatic locations create Valdostan DOC wines.

Protected on the north from cold currents and on the west from humid Atlantic currents by the Alps, the Aosta Valley boasts a climate particularly suited for vine cultivation dating as far back Roman times, for which there is a great deal of evidence. Over the course of the centuries, viticulture knew periods of prosperity and also of major crises because of barbarian invasions for example.
The Aosta Valley region obtained autonomy After World War II and was able to use greater financial resources for the development of viticulture, now quite lively; the local wines in fact enjoy significant recognition both at the national level and abroad.

After the attribution in the years 1971 and 1972 of the first Denominazioni di Origine Controllata (DOC) for the wines Donnas and Enfer, in 1985 a single DOC "Valle d'Aosta" or "Vallée d'Aoste" included all the quality wines of the Valley.
Today the denomination of Origin Controllata D.O.C "Valle d'Aosta - Vallée d'Aoste" is represented by 7 subdenominations by area and 19 subdenominations by grape variety.
There is also a discipline of subdenominations by color (white, red, pink) and by types of vinification (young, raisin, late harvest and spumante).

This production includes great variety of vinestocks that can be cultivated in very diverse climatic locations, according to the altitudes of the vineyards, the slope and composition of the land, the light and the wind.

It is precisely their love for the territory that has allowed the "vignerons" to produce, with wisdom and tenacity, a genuine quality wine. Taste our wines and you will find authenticity of flavor that has been passed on from one generation to the next to bring to the table the best that the Aosta Valley can offer!!