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Typical products of the Aosta Valley

Expression of the strong cultural links that indisputably connect the people to their corner of territory, the typical products of the Aosta Valley include the best that this land can offer matched with the wisdom and mastery of the Valdostan people in cultivating it from the dawn of time.

We offer you a portrait of the great stars of flavor in Valdostan gastronomy.

Credits: contents and photos by Assessorato Agricoltura e Risorse Naturali della Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta. Photos Sanguinetti Comunicazione and Rosselli Gianfranco.

Cheeses »

Fontina DOP
Fresh or cured, Valdostan cheeses satisfy every palate, even the most demanding with continuous care for ancient and refined flavors.

Cold cuts »

Cold cuts Aosta Valley
Characteristic cold cuts and dried meats are particularly appetizing exclusive delights that tempt the palate and enchant the fans of good food.

Fruits »

Fruits Aosta Valley
In the sunny orchards of the Aosta Valley grow mountain apples and pears, with intense colors and fragrances and with fine and juicy pulp.

Honey »

Aosta Valley honey
The Valdostan honey, ancient food of the local community, is still produced as in the past, maintaining its organoleptic properties unchanged.

Pan Ner »

Typical Bread
The ancient and flavorful tradition of making Pan Ner has allowed its recognition as a traditional agri-food product.

Genepì »

A liquor of ancient origin, with a very pleasant flavor and digestive and balsamic properties.
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