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Maison Vigneronne Frères Grosjean

It was then in 1969 that Father Dauphin began to bottle his wine involving his 5 children in the activity.

Since 1781 from Fornet, a small village of the Valgrisenche, now submerged by the water of the Beauregard dam, maternal grandparents came here to resupply themselves with wine and chestnuts to overcome the long mountain winters. It was then in 1969, encouraged by their friend Pino Albaney, that Father Dauphin, began to bottle their wine to present it at "II exposition des vins du Val d'Aoste (2nd Val d'Aosta wine exposition);" this fair stimulated the initiative that brought the business from the 3,000 sqm. of vineyards to the current 7 hectares, involving their 5 children in the activity.

The business of located on the border of the Municipalities of Quart and Saint Christophe where the vineyards di Tzeriat, Rovetta, Creton, Tourena Quart, Tzantè de Bagnère, Merletta and Pleod Castle in Saint Christophe are located. The vines cultivated initially, in addition to the traditional Petit Rouge, were the Gamay, Pinot Noir and the Petite Arvine, while currently cultivating the local ones such as Fumin, Cornalin, Premetta and Vuillermin. The cultural techniques are profoundly linked to the respect for the environment, and since 1975 no insecticide or acaricide treatments have been performed and the fertilizing performed strictly with fertilizer of organic origin.



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