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Les Granges

The vineyards extend over 2.6 hectares with a current production of 14,000 bottles of quality wine from various grape varieties.

The owners of the wine business Les Granges

The Les Granges company, run by Liana Grange and Gualtiero Crea, is situated on the sunny hill of Nus, in the vicinity of the ancient villages of Les Granges and Messigné. Even back in Roman days there were rural settlements in this area which were perhaps intended for wine production.

The position in full sun allows the production of high quality grapes with heady scents and high sugar levels. During the Middle Ages the producers of this place supplied wine grapes to the presbyteries of the Great Saint Bernard, as testified in documents of the time. It's not difficult to imagine that the travellers from Canterbury to Rome on the Via Francigena, which passes at the feet of the vineyards, would rest in the cellars or the "hospitia" (the hostels of that time) tasting the delicious local wines.

The company vineyards extend over 2.6 hectares (6.4 acres) with a current production of 14,000 bottles of quality wine from various grape varieties.

The business started in 1991 with the cultivation of the old family vineyards, motivated more than anything by passion and to avoid the abandonment of the vines planted with such toil by the ancestors. Only later, with the expansion of the cultivated area did the business transform itself into a professional undertaking, aiming in particular at rehabilitating and making the most of the old native grape varieties. Initially, with the need to develop the production facilities, it was decided to use a co-operative for the wine-making.

From 2005, with the creation of a modern and well-equipped cellar, wine-making was taken in-house. The grape varieties grown are Vien de Nus, Cornalin, Pinot Nero and Pinot Grigio, Fumin, Mayolet, Vullermin and Petite Rouge; varieties present for centuries in the area and worthy of reassessment and appropriate treatment.


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Les Granges
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