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L'Atoueyo of Saraillon Fernanda

The business uses as its symbol the Atoueyo, a dialect term indicating the little chapels scattered along the trails.

Fernanda Saraillon

When wine grower Fernanda Saraillon founded the farm that bears her name in 2000, she wanted to continue the work begun generations ago in the Saraillon and Jerusel families, work to which they were always devoted with tenacity, dedication and passion, gifts transmitted over the years from father to son, in cultivation of the grapes and production of quality wines.

The business located in Aymavilles (AO) in fraz. Urbains nr. 8, uses as its symbol ATOUEYO, a dialect term indicating the little chapels scattered along the trails winding through the valley, traveled in antiquity by wayfarers, who were protected in their journey by the Divinity or the Saints to which the ATOUEYO was dedicated.

The farm parcels destined as vineyards, divided in various little plots of land of dimensions that vary from 1,000 to 3,000 sq.m. apiece, for a total surface extension equal to 20,000 sqm, are all located in the territory of the Municipality of Aymavilles, at an altitude varying between 600 - 650 m.s.l.m., with East - West orientation of the rows.

The system for raising the vines is a simple guyot on which fruit are allowed a maximum of  5 - 6 buds each, obtaining in this way a production that does not exceed 600 - 700 fr. for each stock. The upper density of planting varying between 8,000 / 10,000 stock/ha and the low production per stock guarantee obtaining high quality production.

The cellar, to optimize the transformation of the grapes, uses modern structures and equipment wisely integrated with ancient oenological uses and practices.

The production of the business surpasses around 20,000 bottles, divided in wines such as Fumin and La Torrette, obtained from international vintages that are well suited to the soil and climatic conditions of our Valley.


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L'Atoueyo of Saraillon Fernanda
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11010 Aymavilles (AO) - Italy
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