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Cave Coopérative de l'Enfer

The Coopérative manages all the wine production activities, including the bottling and the commercialization of the Enfer d'Arvier.

Enfer d'Arvier, intense, with a full-bodied flavor, was among the first Valdostan wines to obtain the Denomination of Controlled Origin in 1972.

The vineyards from which it originates are located in the municipality of Arvier, primarily on the left slope of the Dora Baltea, an area historically suited to this cultivation. Still visible today are the ancient terraces studding the base of the rocky hills above them. The structure of the little valley constitutes a natural amphitheatre that allows vines to develop in the best conditions, being constantly sunny and earning the nickname of "inferno." The terraces cultivated as vineyards interrupt the strong slope of the mountain: here the work is primarily manual. In 1978 the Cooperative de L'Enfer, the Co-Enfer, was established to manage all the wine production activities, including the bottling and the commercialization of this jewel of oenology. Today, the one hundred seven contributing partners provide a small high-quality amount every year (approximately 50 thousand bottles) made with 85% Petit Rouge grapes, and for the remaining portion with another five types of vinestocks authorized by the discipline. This leads to a structured wine that is a perfect accompaniment to meats. Its typical nature derives primarily from two factors: the quality of the terrain and the high exposure to the sun, which allow the Petit Rouge, a native variety, to best express its characteristics.

In 2005, the entry of new partners from Avise launched production of a new wine: the "Soleil Couchant" obtained from the grape variety Pinot Gris, vinified alone.

In 2006 the Vin des Seigneurs entered production from the same area. This wine is obtained from the Mayolet vinified alone. Mayolet is an ancient red-berried variety native to Valdosta, already recognized in the mid-1800's by Louis Napoléon Bich as among the most enjoyable varieties in the Aosta Valley. In Avise it has found a revival after years of absence. Avise, given its soil and climatic location, offers ideal cultivation areas.

Today the Co-Enfer's new cellar, while maintaining traditional processing methods unchanged, is equipped with extremely advanced technologies. This innovation, along with the growing demand for this wine by consumers, resulted in planting new vineyards that will extend the vine-covered area of the area, bringing it from the current six hectares to eight to ten over a few years. At the Arvier community cellar can also be found a prestigious grappa that is distributed in a limited number of bottles.

The Co-Enfer products can be purchased at the wine bars and at the various wholesale and retail distribution sites as well as at the sales point of the cellar. Hours: Monday 8:00 a.m.-12:00, Tuesday 2:00-6:00 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday 8:00 a.m.-12:00 and 2:00-6:00 p.m., Friday 8:00 a.m.-12:00.

It is possible to visit the cellar by reservation. Tastings are also organized on request.


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