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Route des Vins Vallée d'Aoste: membership

Membership in the Wine Trail is a choice with dedication.

The Wine Trail brand began in 1988 at the wish of the Aosta Valley region in collaboration with the 6 Cooperative cellars of the Valdostan territory.

In 2007 the "Route des Vins - Vallée d'Aoste" Association came to life and united under its brand nearly all the Valdostan wine production businesses, friends in the hospitality industry and restaurants that wish to promote and bring knowledge in the tourism area, the world's only heritage of wines and typical products of the Aosta Valley.

Wine production is configured as a way to bring together the tourism offers of our region, within a broader area where the environment, the landscape, the villages and the historic centers constitute the setting in which the Trail began and is characterized.

The growth of the Wine Trail is substantially in the opportunity linked to oenotourism structuring now a network of subjects of the enogastronomic, commercial and hospitality sector in the entire Aosta Valley.

The loyalty of guests to the affiliated facilities and businesses will represent the secret and the key to success on the Wine Trail's path to growth.

With policies of tourism marketing in continuous evolution, profound changes are constantly required of all the operators that in some way make contact with an increasingly international clientele. Only with particular attention to the welcome and hospitality, creating loyalty with guests and makes it the first testimonial of the Trail, can we think of making our name among the many tourism offers.

The primary target of the Wine Trail is the individual visitor, a fan of the wine and the territory, not excluding cases in which we find ourselves also operating with organized groups.


  • You love your profession
  • You love and promote the territory
  • You love welcoming guests
  • You feel part of a dream: help others know and appreciate the Aosta Valley at 360°!!

Follow us on the Trail... together we are winners!!


By joining the Wine Trail, your facility or business bears a distinctive brand to which in the future we wish to generate loyalty, becoming a decisive element in the orientation of the consumer.

You can also contribute to growth of a quality brand in way that is, for the affiliated business, a real "added value," with a consequent reinforcement of visibility, both in the national and international environment.

The Wine Trail affiliate is recognized for the many smiles with which guests are welcomed, the ability to give a welcome, as well as for the efficiency and the competence with which they are able to provide information on the Wine Trail.


  • Having many friends concerned with promoting and helping others know the Wine Trail and reflect your structure or business.
  • Being present at this time on the Aosta Valley Wine Trail site dedicated to the Wine Trail and to its affiliates as well as on all the promotional supports and channels that the association will be dedicated to creating and promote for a greater visibility and growth of the offer.
  • Be part of a quality Club offering Valdostan enogastronomy that helps the individual to objectively evaluate the quality of the facilities and the service offers in order to constantly improve.


In addition to satisfying the minimal obligatory and optional requirements of the standards defined in the discipline:

  • Participate, according to your dedication, in the life of the Association;
  • Promote the image of the Wine Trail to the visitor through distribution of the institutional materials and assisting the client in possible phases of later trips to another affiliated Wine Trail, favoring all the colleagues that are part of the association;
  • Responding quickly to the site communications and inform us periodically on special offers, activities and/or offerings;
  • Guaranteeing the fundamental parameters that connote the best culture of hospitality in Europe: a family welcome, customer service, quality of the facilities-business and the best possible relationship between quality/value/price;
  • Have qualified, cordial staff and sensitize them to belonging to the brand and the Wine Trail network, being primarily promoters of this order;
  • Welcoming foreign guests attempting to overcome language barriers;
  • Be attentive to the requirements of guests endeavoring to make their visit pleasant offering oenotourism services and activities (visits to vineyards, cellars, tastings, enogastronomic evenings, etc..);
  • Know and promote the peculiarities of their territory, providing the guests tourism information and material on the Wine Trail;


When you decide to become an Associated Wine Trail, at the same time in a positive evaluation by the Board of Directors and payment of the association fee, you will become for all effects a Member of the Trail: you will receive the material that will identify you, allowing you to immediately enter our promotional circuit, also adhering to the new initiatives in development.

To request more information, or to sign up:

Valérie Laurent
Route des Vins - Vallée d'Aoste Corso Lancieri 32 - 11100 Aosta - Ao
Tel. 340.19.11.654 -Mail: rdvins@gmail.com

or send the membership filled out request via fax to the number 0165. 84.64.97.

NOTE: the membership request form does not constitute registration. The association, on verifying the criteria of admissibility according to the discipline and membership letter, will contact you to complete your registration: we will communicate your possible membership and the amount of the membership fee due. In that moment you may decide to confirm your membership.