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Itinerary 2: Wines of Gran Paradiso

From the Inferno to Paradise... a divine and involving route between traditional and native Valdostan vineyards.

Wines of Gran Paradiso

This route leads to a path, also interior, of rare and varied beauty in which attractive wine growing landscapes are predominant.

The trip begins in the heart of the majestic natural amphitheatre of the Inferno in Arvier where you may admire vines attached to the red-hot rock walls, continuing along secret roads to the promontory of Les Cretes of Aymavilles, dominated by the angelic beauty of the valley at the foot of the Gran Paradiso, enhanced by castles between the vineyards and the mountains, symbols of a country rich in history.

A land of ancient agricultural tradition, where vineyards and orchards extend as far as the eye can see before giving way to pastures and woods, this is the unmatched realm of the traditional and native Valdostan vineyards from which are produced some of the best known DOCs of the Aosta Valley region: the Enfer d'Arvier and the Torrette.

  • District capital: Aymavilles, 2001 wine city
  • Length of itinerary: 20 km in 6 municipalities. 2 variations: Arvier-Introd-Villeneuve-Aymavilles for 13 km and Villeneuve-Saint-Pierre-Sarre for 7 km
  • No. of associates: 14
  • Signage: to be placed
  • Wine heritage: the native vineyards Petit Rouge, Fumin, Cornalin, Mayolet, Premëtta.
  • Significant vineyards: Enfer, Mont Torretta, Les Cretes
Wines produced along the itinerary

Wine producers

Cave Coopérative de l'Enfer

Cooperative cellar Arvier
Cave Coopérative de l'Enfer, Arvier
The Coopérative manages all the wine production activities, including the bottling and the commercialization of the Enfer d'Arvier.

Chateau Feuillet of Fiorano Maurizio

Private winemaker Saint-Pierre
Chateau Feuillet
Today, the business produces five DOCs (Torrette - Fumin - Chardonnay - Petite Arvine - Pinot Noir) and is on the market with 18,000 bottles.

Di Barrò of Elvira Stefania Rini

Private winemaker Saint-Pierre
Di Barrò
The name of the business in patois means 'from/to the casks' that were used for the transportation to the cellar of the grapes.

Feudo di San Maurizio of Vallet Michel

Private winemaker Sarre
Feudo di San Maurizio
The story of the 'Feudo di San Maurizio' began in 1989 from a dream-bet of three friends: to produce quality wine in Sarre.

Gerbelle Didier

Private winemaker Aymavilles
The Gerbelle Didier farm
Although the business was recently established, this is the fourth generation occupying itself with wines and viticulture.

La Source

Private winemaker Saint-Pierre
Vineyards of Saint Pierre, Aosta Valley
The business is the property of the family Celi-Cuc and extends over approximately 6.5 hectares of specialized DOC vineyards.

L'Atoueyo of Saraillon Fernanda

Private winemaker Aymavilles
Fernanda Saraillon
The business uses as its symbol the Atoueyo, a dialect term indicating the little chapels scattered along the trails.

Les Crêtes

Private winemaker Aymavilles
Les Crêtes
Les Cretes believes great wines start with quality grapes, that's why vineyard management is based on the protection of the terroir.

Lo Triolet of Marco Martin

Private winemaker Introd
Lo Triolet
Its origins arise from a great passion for the cultivation of the typical vinestocks of the Valdostan vignerons.

Maison Agricole Teppex Manuel

Private winemaker Aymavilles
Maison agricole Teppex Manuel
The vine-covered land of the farm is located in the municipality of Aymavilles and currently 3500sq.m. of DOC vinestocks are in production.


Hotel Paramont2 stars

Itinerary 2


Hotel Paramont
The Hotel offers the possibility of a pleasant vacation between the woods of the Valgrisenche. At the restaurant you may taste careful home cooking.

Hotel Boule de Neige3 stars

Itinerary 2


Hotel Boule De Neige
Ancient atmospheres and mountain flavours will make your staying at the Boule de Neige Hotel one of the most unfogettable experience.

Hotel Granta Parey3 stars

Itinerary 2


Hotel Granta Parey
A comfortable summer and winter residence situated in the hearth of the fascinating Rhemes Valley, the pearl of Gran Paradiso National Park.

Hotel Herbetet3 stars

Itinerary 2


Hotel Herbetet, Cogne, Aosta Valley
In the hearth of the Gran Paradiso National Park, the hotel is the perfect choice for revitalizing mountain holidays.

Hotel La Madonnina del Gran Paradiso3 stars

Itinerary 2


Hotel, Cogne Aosta Valley
The only Relais du Silence in the Italian western Alps, it is perfect for relaxing stay discovering local cuisine and traditions of Aosta Valley.

Meublé Lo Fleyé3 stars

Itinerary 2


Meublé Lo Fleyé
An excellent starting point for the visit to the valleys of the Gran Paradise Park, the hotel offers comfortable rooms and recreation in nature.

Tourist attractions

Castle of Aymavilles

Itinerary 2


The castle of Aymavilles
The castle of Aymavilles is certainly the most characteristic and recognizable element for its position and architecture.

Castle of Saint-Pierre

Itinerary 2


The castle of Saint-Pierre
Located on a rocky crag, the unmistakeably fairy-tale Saint Pierre Castle serves as the headquarters of the Regional Natural Science Museum.

Church of Saint Léger

Itinerary 2


The church of Saint Léger, Aymavilles
The church of Saint Léger, with its beautiful entirely frescoed facade, is open and can be visited every Sunday during the summer months.

Maison Bruil - Ethnographical Museum

Itinerary 2


Maison Bruil, Introd, Aosta Valley
One of the biggest examples of rural architecture of the Gran Paradiso.

Roman aqueduct bridge Pont d'Aël

Itinerary 2


The Roman aqueduct of Pont d'Aël
One of the most beautiful Roman monuments: an aqueduct bridge built in a section of the valley that leads toward Cogne.

Royal castle of Sarre

Itinerary 2


Royal Castle of Sarre
In 1989 the Region purchased the estate to renovate it, today the castle has taken on its definitive form.

Tourist info

AIAT Grand Paradis

Itinerary 2


Tourist Info: AIAT Grand Paradis
Tourist Information Point: to organize your holiday in one of the municipalities of the Gran Paradiso.