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From the peaks of the Monte-Bianco to the territories of the Monte-Rosa, stopping in the vineyards of the Gran Paradise or of Monte Emilius, rather than in those of the Cervino, every itinerary of the Route des Vins (Wine Trail), will help you know and appreciate the various ways of working  the vineyard, the diverse vineyard zones made up of little parcels alternating with the Alpine rocks and our native vineyards that tell the story of the territory and take us back in the wine's colors and fragrances.

The curious traveler will find cooperative cellars and private wine growers, charming stops to explore the vineyards where the colors blend with the secrets of the masters.

To share the stories of the wine growers by tasting their extreme wines, we suggest entering their cellars and taking away with you the fragrance of the Mountain DOC wine par excellence!!

Itinerary 1: Wines of Monte Bianco »

Wines of Mont Blanc
A unique territory and a superlative grape variety, for a White... of high level.

Itinerary 2: Wines of Gran Paradiso »

Wines of Gran Paradiso
From the Inferno to Paradise... a divine and involving route between traditional and native Valdostan vineyards.

Itinerary 3: Wines of Monte Emilius »

Wines of Monte Emilius
You will discover that, from the time of the Romans, the vineyard has been the daughter of the mountain.

Itinerary 4: Wines of Monte Cervino »

Wines of Monte Cervino
You will enjoy the Muscat dei Signori, jewel of Valdostan oenology since 15th century.

Itinerary 5: Wines of Monte Rosa »

Wines of Monte Rosa
The local Nebbiolo (red wine), sovereign of the burning ridges, shows an outstanding character.